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In the past, it used to be very easy to cheat roulette casino game as well get cheated. But nowadays, it takes more than dedication, money and secret assist to cheat roulette. Even after being too smart at cheating, you could land up in trouble if the casino people happen to observe you earning too much and may get you behind the bars. Ultimately, what you gain is unworthy of the risk that is involved in cheating roulette. Mentioned below are the methods to cheat roulette that have been persisting since the near past; some of them were brightly shown in different roulette movies.

Using Magnets

Using magnets had been a very popular method of crook in old times but nowadays casino does not prefer to use such a risky method to cheat their regulars and put their huge amount of profit at stake. The roulette wheel is surrounded by 4 equally placed electro-magnets. The person serving the game would be required to use secret controls to trigger the magnets and move the steel ball accordingly and place it in areas of low betting. Sometimes, the pockets used to contain the magnets which could easily attract the ball having a steel of core.

Tampering the Spinning Wheel

The wheels of roulette could be tampered by either the owner of the casino or some players. Some of the pockets could contain some sticky material which will make the ball enter those pockets frequently or other materials which could affect the spring of ball.

Ball Tripping

The owner of the casino would often be involved to cheat roulette. In this type of cheating, the upper track of the ball would contain a hole below the rim and a tiny spring pin is positioned under it. While dealing, the person could operate a handle which could enable him to project the track of the ball and trip it from the desired result when required.

Past Relocation

This type of cheating involves a skilful player. The person dealing the game would often bow down to look at the outcome of the spin of the wheel. This is the instance when the player can either move his bet to the number which won or remove some of his losing money. However, this type of roulette cheat is very risky as the dealers may speck you.

Controlling the Ball

Sometimes, the person dealing the game would be smart enough to control the motion of the ball with his throws. However, it is impossible to spot this type of roulette cheat and to avoid it you can simply bet after the spin of the wheel.

Cheat Systems involving High Technology

In 2004, three people (2 men and 1 woman) were found to beat the roulette table using high technology involving laser scanner embedded in a cell phone connected to computer. They managed to win a million pounds the first time they played at Ritz casino in UK followed by 1.2 million pounds the second night. But it was their greed that landed them in trouble and they were found to be cheating the system in security check.

They used a technique called sector targeting which helps to determine the track of the ball. After the ball is spun, observing the points that it crosses in the first 2 spins can help to calculate the declining orbit of the ball and get an idea of the area where the ball will finally land up. Though, it does not help to determine the accurate pocket but it can certainly increase the chances of the player's win.

It was even discovered earlier that even a simple stop watch can help to determine the area the ball would land up in on the wheel. An expert called Scott Lang even detailed his ideas in a book. As a result, the stop watches were banned by the casinos.

All that the trio had to do was to collect the info, pass it on to the computer, get the calculated value and then bet accordingly. The whole process would hardly take 2 to 3 seconds. The technique became popular and computers made it easy to apply in real casinos. However, it would be really tricky to steal it off under the observance of dealers and other players in the game.

It finally turned out in favor of those 3 players that the Ritz casino encouraged the system players to play the game though they did not expect the system to be related to computer. As per law, the players did not break any law and managed to keep the money. However, it ended up on the ban of such tricky devices which could be unlawful.