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Virtual Roulette

The terminology is derived from a French word meaning a tiny wheel. Following stories explain the origination of the game.

The very first attempt was made by Blaise Pascal to find something about continuous motion. He landed up inventing a wheel to experiment. It was then that his associate brought up a brilliant idea of utilizing this wheel for the purpose of betting.

Another story mentions about Francois Blanc who is known to having sold out his spirit in order to know the secret behind online roulette. The fact that the numbers on the wheel add to 666 reveals the truth behind the story. He went on to establish initial casinos in Monte Carlo.


The virtual form of roulette first emerged in Paris during the year 1765. It was brought to the States by the emigrants from France and the first casino was launched at New Orleans in North America in 1800. Another casino was set up in Monaco in 1861 which was later established as the hub of this gambling industry in 1873 after the casinos were banned in Europe.

Roulette in Today's World

Today, you won't find a casino anywhere without the roulette table. The French format of the game, however, is more popular because of the excitement, exhilaration, and non-complexity involved.

In a real casino, roulette is conducted by a croupier. He spins the wheel having 38 pockets, one each for 36 numbers and the rest of the two for single zero and double zero. After the wheel stops spinning, he announces the number and color of the pocket in which the ball falls. Similar to every gambling game, roulette has an advantage over the gambler, though it was always possible to cheat roulette in different ways. The casinos maintain a house advantage which can vary from French version (5.3% benefit) to European version having 37 pockets (2.7% benefit), so the chances of winning all bets are always smaller than the chance of making a profit.

Types of Bets in Online Roulette

Players can place two kinds of bets in online roulette - Inside Bets & Outside Bets.

Inside bets are further divided into the following types:

  • Straight - This bet is placed on a lonely digit which does not envelop any other digit.
  • Split - This bet is placed on a duo which includes both the numbers.
  • Street- This bet is placed on a number at the line ending and covers the entire row containing 3 numbers.
  • Corner - This bet is made on the intersection point of four numbers and envelops all five numbers.
  • Six Line - The bet is placed on a line ending which lies in between two rows and envelops 6 numbers from the two rows.

Outside bets are divided into the following types:

  • Even-Odd - This bet is placed either on even digits or odd digits and covers 18 numbers excluding zero.
  • Red-Black - This bet is placed on red or black colored pockets covering 18 digits each excluding zero.
  • High-Low - This bet is placed on high numbers (19 to 36) or low numbers (1 to 18) covering 18 digits each.
  • Dozen - This bet is placed on one of the three groups of consecutive numbers each containing 12 numbers.
  • Column- This bet is placed on a number at the end of the column and covers the entire column containing 12 numbers excluding zero.

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