Mistakes of the Roulette Beginner

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Unlike most of casino games, it is very easy to play roulette even as for a beginner. The only complication which can be met by player is a choice of good game strategy. However, this doesn’t mean that roulette has no pitfalls even for professional gamblers. Roulette beginners tend to make certain mistakes that end up costing them their winnings starting with wrong choice of a game, bet, and betting system. As soon as you learn to avoid those mistakes, feel free to gamble online at William Hill and put your knowledge to use.

Choice of Wrong Table

Unfortunately, if you are playing roulette in a land based casino, you really don’t have a choice as such as to which game you play. You will have to settle with either the European or American roulette wheel. But when playing online roulette, you have the option of picking some other roulette variants which are not so popular among players still extremely interesting. Still you have to remember some tips on selecting of roulette game. Selecting American wheel instead of the European is a mistake that most roulette players usually make. American has a 5.26 percent house edge while the European one has a 2.7 percent casino edge. It is even a much better idea to opt for the French game which has a 1.35 percent house edge and increases your chances of winning even more. Another serious mistake that most roulette beginners make is failure to set a loss limit.

Betting on All Money

An experienced roulette player will tell you that managing your bankroll is very important as this helps you avoid betting with money that you can’t afford loosing. Sadly, this loss limit concept is slightly known by beginners who end up encountering some horrific loses and end up quitting the game altogether. Most beginners also make the mistake of placing many bets per every spin which doesn’t always result in a happy ending.

Unwise Stakes

Even where beginners manage to play an appropriate stake in a roulette game, some end up making the serious mistake of placing many wagers on a spin. Some might place high/ low, odd/ even and the six line bets per turn. There is no doubt that having all these in a spin is great fun but there is a great risk if the roulette wheel doesn’t spin as per your expectations. As such, instead of having to worry a lot about putting different bets per turn, it is advisable that a new player focuses on single wagers at the beginning. If things start to go well and in your favor, you can try your luck with the multiple bets.

Wrong Choice of System

The last mistake that can cost a roulette beginner a lot is starting with the betting systems. Roulette players normally turn to the systems once the flat betting standard starts to bore them. For instance, some players will double their wagers after every loss. While it is true that using betting systems is quite fun, it is advisable that you avoid them as a new player. Such systems can be very risky and following them blindly might even lead to more devastating losses. The best thing is to catch a feel of the roulette game first and try the systems later once you are a little experienced.