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A number of authors have expressed their view on this gambling game of roulette. Their books contain all the information about the game and also try to explain how you can improve upon your predictions and accuracy both as a novice and a connoisseur. Mentioned below are the few books along with their descriptions written by some great authors.

"Gamble To Win: Roulette" - By R.D. Ellison

This book is very well written and contains all the information that is required to get started with the game. This book is worth reading as a beginner as experience can be gained with time. For an expert player, this book won't help him to improve upon his game.

"Get The Edge At Roulette: How To Predict Where The Ball Will Land" - By Christopher Pawlicki & Frank Scoblete

Christopher Pawlicki is a very highly specialized person in engineering background and is also considered as a singled-out consultant in areas of defense. In his book, he arms the roulette gambler with vital weapons which can help the player stand in this deadly war against the game. He explains the roulette rules and tips to identify and play the prejudiced wheels and then exploit the wheels which are more prone to be partially tacked. He also illustrates the techniques to track the wheels and divide it into segments in order to improve the accuracy and speed of predicting the bets. It also tells about the online roulette and distinguishes it from a real game.

"Roulette Secrets Revealed" - By John C. Steele

The author encourages the gamblers to discover the secrets of making money and learn new and interesting strategies which can help them make a lot of money just by playing the game of roulette, the game which they love to play. The book can help you learn roulette strategies which outdate all the theories and other techniques of roulette and improve upon your experience of gambling and bring it to higher level. The new strategy is based on practical knowledge. The book does not teach you about theoretical concepts that do not actually work in real world of gambling or other ideas which have expired. It will help you to discover a brilliant system which can give an instantaneous boost to your income.

"Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets Of Beating The Wheel" - By Frank Scoblete

No doubt, roulette has gained popularity across the world and the game has witnessed the birth of many new players and wheels in its history. Only a few numbers of books tell exclusively about this rapidly increasing game. The book explains about getting an edge over these roulette casinos in short run as well as long run.