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Roulette is one of the most famous games of casino in Europe. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is the surrounding environment which makes it favorable to play in the casino. Other reasons that attract the people towards this game is the probability of winning and losing, its rules which are fairly simple and many myths which describe about people making their fortune by winning or losing on the spin of a wheel.


'Roulette' is a French word meaning 'a little wheel' in English. The reputation of this game has originated from a very typical story about an Englishman that took place at a casino located in Monte Carlo. Since then, the game has gained more popularity and has spread in almost every part of the world in the last few years. It will be hard for you to find a casino nowadays without a table of roulette.

There is a very typical story associated with this game of roulette about an Englishmen called Charles Wells. He reached the city of Monte Carlo in the year 1981 and had 10,000 franc. He played in the casino and won a million of franc in a short time and went away. He came back after four months and again won a million of franc. The story had been good so far. But only if Charles Wells could have visited the site online-casinos.com and read it he would have rather preferred to invest the money and could have lived happily ever after. But unluckily, this did not happen. He chose to return to the casino next year and gambled again and lost all what he had earned. The wheel turned his fortune against him. Later he turned into a small criminal and finally died as a poor man. But before he died he went on to explain that there is no winning formula and it was luck only that favored him behind his wins in the casino.

About the Game

Most of the people have seen the table of roulette but are unaware of roulette rules. There are basically two types of wheels, a European wheel containing a single zero and 36 numbers and an American wheel containing both a single zero and double zero along with 36 numbers. The numbers are placed randomly on the European wheel whereas the numbers are grouped oppositely on American wheel like the number 1 is placed exactly opposite to number 2, 3 opposite to 4 and it continues like this.

Spin your luck

There is no system to win in the game of gambling. If lucky, you can win the tables in a short time but the casino will always win in long term. The winning odds are always in the favor of the casino whatsoever the game they might offer. However, blackjack and video pokers are some games where the player can have a little edge over the casino.

To summarize about this roulette casino game, the player should know that roulette is a game of possibility and there is no skill involved. There is no system of laying a bet that can allow him to win the table in long run. He can only win in short run and that too if lucky. Сasino will in any case have edge over a player in the later stages of gambling.