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The Martingale System is a system to manage your finances and can be used to some extent while playing roulette. A simple theory behind the working of this system is that one can never lose every time. This theory encourages the gambler to gradually boost the bet amount so that he can ultimately end up on a winning note with a net profit.

It can be used to your advantage in both live and online casinos.


One should always start playing roulette on European Wheel rather than American Wheel because the later has an extra pocket which adds to the advantage of house. Observing the prior numbers while playing the game of roulette to look for any pattern is also considered as a key strategy while following the theory of the martingale system.

For instance, while following the pattern of numbers on the table, a gambler observes a winning streak in the first half of the numbers. Trying his luck, he placed a 10$ bet on the first half with an aim to win double. If the person looses after the spinning of the wheel, then he should place a 20$ bet again on the first half in order to get back his money as well as earn some profit. This way, he should carry on by placing double bets till the time he finally wins and make the money two times.

Risks and Drawbacks

There are risks involved in the martingale system.

One of the major drawbacks of the system, described in many roulette books, is the probability of the gambler running out of cash. For instance, if the gambler follows the theory and having only 100$ cash with himself, he can only place three bets of 10$, 20$ and 40$ provided that he loses every time he bets. So, having gambled with his 70$ already, he would now be left with only 30$ and would not be able to carry on.

The limit of betting in the casino is one more drawback due to which one cam never earn a profit or even get his money back at times. For instance, if a gambler having a balance of 300$, starts with 5$ bet then it would give him 5 chances of winning the spin and 9 chances if he starts with 1$ bet or he would end up losing all his money.

Bet System

Another system of betting in roulette is Progressive betting. This system allows you to start with a fixed betting amount but it will increase by the same amount in the next bet if you win. For instance, if you start with a 5$ bet and happen to win then your next bet amount should be 10$. A win again would increase your bet amount to 15$ and a loose would reduce your bet to 5$.

It is always advisable to set your own limits while playing and once you have reached those limits you should not play anymore. Roulette gambling can be addictive especially when you play and win more often. Therefore it becomes vital to be acquainted with your limits and stop gambling after reaching them.

Roulette is a gamble of luck and no skills and strategy can make you a master of the game. It's a game of numbers and a rolling number could decide your fate.