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The Roulette gambling has created a lot of fan following and much of the credit goes to the movies. Many of us would have hardly seen the spinning wheel of roulette in reality, but seeing the same on the television can help us create an image of the table of roulette easily. Nothing is more elegant, classy, exclusive and glamorous like the game of roulette and a scene cannot be as exciting, gripping and dramatic which revolves around the spinning wheel of roulette.

Roulette in Movies

Roulette has been featured in many old classical movies as well as in the recent ones in many different ways. Talking about an old German hit movie of 1998, the leading character in the movie "Run Lola Run" misplaces a large amount of money which creates a threat for his life. His girlfriend 'Lola' tries to replace the money and save his life. So she lands up at a casino in tethered clothes and reaches the table of roulette which is already surrounded by wealthy people wearing fancy and lavishing attires. This scene depicting the roulette has been captured brilliantly.

Another movie that was released in 1993 and displayed some fantastic shots around the spinning wheel was Indecent Proposal in which the protagonists lose their money in the gamble. The movie revolves around gambling and the hunger for making money and wheel of roulette is represented as the figure of speech.

Bleak Side of Roulette

A movie called The Deer Hunter that was released in 1978 depicts the dark side of the game. The scene is about the Russian format of roulette. Though the scene from this classical movie gained a lot of fame and cannot be forgotten but it is equally terrible and upsetting.

About the Russian format of roulette, the game is about putting in one bullet in a pistol's chamber and spinning it. Now that the bullet's location is unidentified, the participants are required to take alternative turns in firing the bullet on them. The game continues until the bullet is discharged from the weapon, thereby resulting in the death of one of the participants. The scene in the movie is screened on three prisoners of war from America that took place in Vietnam who are obliged to play this cruel game and the captors bet on the outcome. One more scene is there at the end of the movie where a prisoner from Vietnam kills himself by blowing off his brain while playing this cruel game.

Tempting Side of Roulette

As every coin has two faces, so does roulette. Though it has a dark side, but it will be always be remembered for its attractive and alluring side that is featured in a movie called Casablanca. The movie features the French format of roulette where a young lady gets an offer to run away to America which she is desperate of but only if she returns with some sexual deed. She turns to Rick Blaine asking for his advice while her husband who does not have any idea about the offer thinks that gambling his luck in roulette could be a chance to run away from Casablanca. Rick manages to keep their relationship by fixing the gamble and making the husband win the table.